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Here’s another one of my pocket watch mods, for the Iron man fans. - Imgur
This. I like this. Can I have one, please?
New Iron Man 3 poster released. - Imgur
Iron Man 3… May 3… MARVELous choice.
"I can’t think of a witty caption so this is it - Imgur"
Well this was pretty accurate.

You can now get all of my T-shirts printed on Zip-up hoodies!
Click here to see my storeTo select a Zip-Up Hoodie, click on the style drop-down box above the color selection
I would just like to call your attention to the Bei Fong Metalbending Academy hoodie. Ladies.
"Gilded" Iron Man painting - Imgur
This oozes awesome.
The next new Iron Man villain, the Iron Patriot.
Does Robert Downey Jr. ever think, “Should I be RDJ or Tony Stark today? when he gets up
I just put my credit card in the disk tray… How long until it arrives?

Do want…

yes please
Robert Downey Jr teaches you math - Imgur
Robert Downey Jr: Iron Man, Genius Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist, Math Tutor
drew some beards on superheros during my break - Imgur
Wonder Woman’s expression! HA!